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    The company was founded in 2000. The brand EAST HAUZ has been on the market since 1993. We produce leader saddle bags for the motorbikes, roll front bags, can bags, tank belts, purses, wallets, cases for mobile phones and zippo lighters.

    We offer the full service with warranty and mounting. We can advise you with accessories and set-up according to your bikes models and by your request.

    Our products are made of genuine oxhide of 3,5 m thick with its own specific grain and structure. The motorbike accessories we make from black leader but other available colours are possible as well.

    There is a reinforced back part on all models of saddle bags with PE plate of 3 mm thick and the bottom of big saddle bags is reinforced as well. The closing is always made with the combination of buckles and sides. The mounting on the motorbike is done with the under-saddle belt or the bags can be screwed to the frame.

    If you cannot choose anything from our offer and you have your own idea about the design of the bags, you have just your design or you would like to change anything of our bags design you can bring a picture, add some measurements and we will realize your idea.

    Moreover, we are able to press your own logo on the bags. Sending of black printed logo on the white paper in size 1:1 is enough for us to make a stamping die (price is cca 1.200,- CZK). This on is possible to be used repeatedly.

    If you are interested in our goods or you have some questions feel free to contact us.

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